Steel law firm in 2007, Av.Steel was founded by Mustafa. Companies, public institutions, real persons, tax and administrative law, taxpayer rights, company law, contract law, real estate law, social security law, energy law,contract law and provides legal services in the areas of legal consultancy services.

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Company Law

Steel law firm contained in the Turkish Commercial Code and related regulations;

  • Company formations, mergers, acquisitions, termination;
  • Company divisions;

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Health Law

Steel law firm Criminal Law, Law of obligations; Law No. 1219 on medicine and the implementation of the relevant regulations and suabat style;

  • Rights of patients and health care professionals
  • Medical practice and legality
  • Medical malpractice and insurance system

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Insurance Law

Steel various national and international insurance companies in and around Diyarbakir Turkish law firm commercial law, insurance law and other relevant legislation within the framework of an experienced team of experts; arising from insurance contracts, provides legal advisory services on legal disputes

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Energy Law

Steel law firm Turkey's mentioned in the legislation relevant to various Energy Investment Company;

  • EMRA arrangements;
  • HES, RES, resolution of disputes expropriation and nationalization of the central areas of the welded;

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Banking and finance law

Steel law firm Turkey's various corporate banks, financial leasing companies and diyarbakır national and international environment, within the framework of the relevant legislation;

  • Corporate Administrative follow;
  • Monitoring of the corporate bankruptcy;

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Mining Law

Steel mining companies in the province and surrounding provinces of Diyarbakir various law firm

  • Operations mineral exploration and operating permits
  • Field of expropriation,
  • Royalty agreements preparation of

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