Areas Of Activity

Areas Of Activity

  • Çelik Law Office provides a full range of legal support and consultancy services to its clients in Diyarbakır and surrounding, prioritizing the environment of confidence which has great importance in trade life.

    The scope of our service is;

    - The formation, amalgamation, acquisition and dissolution of companies;

    - Demerger;

    - Preparation and transformation of incorporation contracts;

    - Capital increase and decreases;

    - Detection of company representatives;

    - Changes of adres and title;

    - Arrangement of board meeting and general meetings;

    - Trademark registration;

    - Competition Law;

    - Personnel management;

    Within the articles of Turkish Trade Law and related statutes


Alt Sayfalar

  1. Company Law
  2. Health Law
  3. Insurance Law
  4. Energy Law
  5. Financial Law